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    Asseco is the best provider for startup projects

    UpSteer powered by Asseco is the IT startup incubator launched in September 2022. We believe that technology has the power to make the world a better place and we invest our time and resources into entrepreneurs that are making an impact. Our mission is to support IT startups especially in the following areas: Banking, Healthcare, Insurance, Utility & Industry 4.0 and Other interesting IT ideas. UpSteer incubator powered by Asseco can help you move your project forward and also support you in all important business areas. At the end of UpSteer program you get know-how, how to set the perfect pitch to find potential investor and many other valuable insights.


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    Executive team


    Jozef Klein

    „Idea, energy, passion – together leading to success“


    Career in Asseco:

    • since 2002 – Chairman of the Board of Directors of Asseco Central Europe in Slovakia
    • since 2009 – Chairman of the Board of Directors of Asseco Central Europe in the CR
    • since 2017 – CEO of Asseco Central Europe in Slovakia and CEO of Asseco Central Europe in Czech Republic
    • since 2017 –  Chairman of the Board of Directors of Asseco International
    • Member of the Supervisory Board in companies of Asseco Solutions Group
    • since 2009 –  CEO at the whole European group level of the Asseco Group

    Experts Team

    Vladimír Dzurilla

    „ The moment you give up, is the moment you let someone else win.“


    Professional experience:

    • 17 years of professional experience in IT
    • within the Asseco CE, he has held the position of Country Manager in Czech Republic
    Richard Hrabovský

    „If you think you can do a thing, or think you can´t do a thing you´re right!“


    Career in exe:

    • since 2016 – Chairman of the Board of Directors of exe, a.s.
    • since 2016 – Managing director at exe, a.s.

    Professional experience:

    • 24 years of professional experience in IT
    • 20 years of professional experience in Sales
    • 7 years responsible for company management, product structure change and new development phase
    Renáta Rybanská

    „It’s never too late to be what you might’ve been.“


    • she has held senior positions in several IT companies in Slovakia and abroad, focusing on the development of software solutions
    • she joined Asseco Solutions, one of the leading software companies in Slovakia, in 2018 as an International Technical Architect
    • three years later, she took over as Development, Product & IT Director and also became a member of the Top Management
    • since August 1, 2022, she has held the top management position in the company as CEO
    Martin Chripko

    „Every day we have the opportunity to learn something new, thus become better every day.“


    Professional experience:

    • 22 years of professional experience in IT in the fields of finance and banking
    • within the Asseco CE, he worked his way up from the position Business Develepment Manager to Banking Business Unit Director

    Projects/Products in Asseco:

    • Complex Core Banking systems for Building Savings Banks
    • Core Banking Systems for retail & corporate banks
    • Digital Omnichannel Banking
    • Card processing core system & ATM software
    • Integration & data processing
    Lenka Hritzová

    „Cooperation and teamwork are crucial for success.“


    Professional experience:

    • 19 years of professional experience in the fields of banking and insurance
    • currently in the position of Insurance Business Unit Director

    Projects/Products in Asseco:

    • Digital Insurance Platform
    • Core Insurance System
    • Finance Reporting
    Rastislav Bajtoš

    „The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team.“


    • 25+ years of professional experience in people and project management in Telco and IT field
    Marek Grác

    „ It is always vital to carefully evaluate to what you want to dedicate your time, once you decide, you shall commit to it fully.“


    Professional experience:

    • 29 years of professional experience in IT
    • 8 years as Member of the Board of Directors of Asseco Central Europe
    • Currently in the position of Public & Healthcare Business Unit Director
    David Šindelář

    „What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.“


    Professional experience:

    • 25 years of professional experience in IT
    • within the Asseco CE, he worked his way up from the position Database Specialist to Public CZ Business Unit Director

    Projects/Products in Asseco:

    • The Citizen Portal (Portál Občana) CZ
    • Agenda Solutions – Statistical Information System CZ
    • eSick Leave (eNeschopenka) CZ
    • Informative Pension Application (Informativní důchodová aplikace IDA) CZ
    • The Register of Rights and Obligations (Registr práv a povinností) CZ

    Team behind UpSteer

    Veronika Hatalová
    Simona Vaculová
    Lucia Resch
    Utility & Industry 4.0
    • Building Information Modeling (BIM)
    • Internet of Things (IoT)
    • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
    • Augmented Reality (AR)
    • Future/SmartCity
    • Visual reconnaissance

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    • Standardized import into the device registry based on existing object catalogs
    • Linking of building components with evidence and prediction of failures
    • Automatic maintenance/revision plan according to the standards of cataloged objects
    • Connection to integration platforms of the IoT standard
    • Data collection + data analysis -> collision prediction
    • Device control, automation
    • Virtual assistant during repair (e.g. work under voltage)
    • Video-bridge of the worker and the master for solving problems in the field
    • Simulation of city development -> the need to build infrastructure for residents (focusing on water and sewage)
    Visual reconnaissance (by camera/drone)
    • Automatic recognition of the object thanks to the known dataset of objects (connection with BIM) – construction inspection, control of the material used, search for all information about the object in the equipment register
    • Prediction of fires and failures based on the temperature scan of PV farms
    • View device check
    • Artificial intelligence as a support in healthcare
    • Enhancements for medics and for medical praxis
    • Safety, forecast and prevention not only for pandemic
    • Telemedicine

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    Artificial intelligence as a support in healthcare

    Artificial intelligence helps on all fronts, so why not use it in the healthcare field as well.

    The door must be opened widely to speed up or improve healthcare. Give help not only for the healthcare sector but also for the patient.

    Enhancements for medics and for medical praxis

    New concepts for the daily healthcare routine. Let’s bring technology to the hospital and simplify the work of health workers.

    Everyday little-things done on the paper or with a calculator can be more modern and it doesn’t matter if we are at the reception, the operating room or the ICU.

    Safety, forecast and prevention not only for pandemic

    Data and again data.

    How to store them, use them or use them for prevention. Only the right system can help at the level of pandemic prevention or better hospital management or communication with the state.

    The basis is to think outside the data box.


    You can’t go a step without a mobile phone today. Therefore, let’s bring health to its users so that they always have it in their pocket.

    It doesn’t matter if they want to lose weight, need a special plan due to intolerances, or want to learn more about themselves.

    Today anything can be in mobile and tomorrow even more.

    • The bank as a partner for life and business
    • New ways of communication with the bank and customer experience
    • Managing the finances of the future
    • Use of the bank’s knowledge of clients for upsale
    • Security in the financial sector
    • Sustainability and green technologies in banking, CSR and ESG
    • Use of the business network for new innovative products
    • Banking as a service

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    The bank as a partner for life and business

    Innovative combinations of services and products solving various life situations of an ndividual client, entrepreneur or company related to finances.

    Operated by the bank or third party via the PSD2 API.

    New ways of communication with the bank and customer experience

    New concepts of virtual and physical communication between the client and the institution using social networks, new technologies, augmented reality. Innovative customer experience aimed at young people and other specific groups of people.

    Managing the finances of the future

    Intelligent management of the client’s financial portfolio, management of finances and financial goals.

    Use of the bank’s knowledge of clients for upsale

    Services using data on the client’s financial behavior for the purpose of selling other products of the institution and its partners with added value for the customer.

    Security in the financial sector

    Client contracting and the client’s subsequent access to their finances and sensitive services and data must meet strict regulations and standards.

    Is it possible to solve these requirements for the client in a convenient way?

    Sustainability and green technologies in banking, CSR and ESG

    Solutions for the support of environmental and social issues of the financial institution itself or its clients.

    Use of the business network for new innovative products

    Use of the business network of banks for new innovative products.

    Banking as a service

    Technological and business concepts for the provision of financial services for various interest groups.

    • Insurance Company: Lifetime Companion & Guardian
    • Intelligent Risk Scoring
    • Customer Journey Optimization
    • Backoffice Processes Finetuning
    • Application Programming Interface (API)  Marketplace

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    Insurance Company: Lifetime Companion & Guardian

    Digital app/portal ensuring continuous engagement between customer and insurance company. Potential connection with agent, to support PHYGITAL (PHYsical + diGITAL) paradigm. Possibly connected with IoT / telematics and risk prevention tools

    Intelligent Risk Scoring

    AI/ML used to dig in big data connected with personal digital footprint
    Behavioral data analysis used to risk profiling and adhoc offer creation
    AI/ML for AML: identification and prediction of potentially fraudelent operations

    Customer Journey Optimization

    AI used in interaction between customer, agent and insurance company
    Use of voicebots/chatbots in most demanding business processes
    UX preselection to minimize unnecessary dialogue and ensure quick solution of customer’s problem

    Backoffice Processes Finetuning

    AI/ML used in repetitive, mass processes related to backoffice processing
    With focus on optimization, mostly translates into lowering the opex and indirectly to customer satisfaction

    Application Programming Interface (API) Marketplace

    „API is a new Core”
    Conversion of existing comprehensive core systems into Service-oriented Architecture (SoA) platforms
    Well designed API connectors for rapid integration with service providers / consumers
    Low-code / No-code approach to extend insurance companies’ reach

    Dedicated IT Solutions
    Any other interesting IT idea (not specified area)

    For whom is this program dedicated

    If you have a MVP or are close to a MVP, if you are in brainstorming phase and have knowledge of the industry you want to operate in, then you are in the right place. Find your project or idea within the following topics below and APPLY for now


    Our services

    upSteer is a mentor-based program that provides intensive guidance, support and structure for a set period of time (7 months). During this period, your startup will learn what it takes to become part of the corporate stack. Test, prove, and grow your concept by connecting with business mentors, consultants and enterprise executives.

    Exceptional mentorships & Expertise workshops

    Enterpreneurship - Product (Business Units) - Finance & Controlling - Investment - Marketing & PR - Legal - HR

    First class workspaces

    Explore our first class workspace either in Bratislava (Slovakia) or in Prague/Brno (Czechia) with all the benefits - office space and equipment, utilities.

    Investment opportunity

    There will be several ongoing Trial Days during the 7 month period. Each cycle concludes on the Final Day, when the startups present their ideas to the carefully selected audience. Based on the evaluation and the results you may get a chance to continue working with us and receive an investment opportunity.

    Opening Doors to Business

    We are members of the Asseco Group which operates in more than 60 countries worldwide and services thousands of clients in various IT segments. We offer startups access to contacts for their business development. We especially open the door to the markets of Central Europe!


    November 2023
    Applications open
    25. 2. 2024
    Applications closed
    8. 4. 2024
    Elevator Pitch
    April 2024
    Launching UpSteer
    June 2024
    Community event
    July 2024
    Progress Day
    October 2024
    Final Pitch

    About Asseco

    Asseco Central Europe

    (Asseco CE) is one of the strongest software houses in Central and Eastern Europe. It is active in Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Other IT oriented companies are also a part of the Asseco Central Europe Group.

    The company belongs

    to the leading providers of comprehensive IT solutions and services. It implements demanding projects for commercial sector (banking, insurance, healthcare, utility), as well as for public sector and central and local governments. Asseco CE has longterm experience with extensive projects with strong emphasis on supporting the strategic goals of its customers.

    The company´s history

    goes back to 1990, when ASSET company was established. In 1999, its software division unbundled and a new enterprise ASSET Soft was founded. Later on, it entered into a strategic partnership with Comp Rzeszów and, thereby, the fundamentals of the future international group Asseco were laid. In October 2006, the company (already under Asseco Slovakia brand) was listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange, thus becoming the first Slovak company to be directly quoted on a foreign stock exchange.

    In 2007,

    the company entered the Czech market through the PVT acquisition. Two years later Asseco Czech Republic and Asseco Slovakia integrated and, thereby, Asseco CE group was established. The entire Asseco CE group currently employs more than 3,000 people.


    A look through our offices


    Frequently asked questions

    Read the most common, and some of the uncommon questions & answers right on this page.

    1. I have a business idea, why should I apply to UpSteer?
    2. Is there an age limit to participate in UpSteer?
    3. In which areas can I develop my business idea?
    4. When is the deadline for applying?
    5. How long does the UpSteer program last?
    6. Where does Upsteer Incubator powered by Asseco operate?
    7. Do I need to have a team before applying my startup idea or does Asseco provide any human resources (e. g. technical people such as programmers) for developing my startup?
    1. With the UpSteer Incubator powered by Asseco, you get the chance to take your business idea to the next level - UpSteer. The UpSteer program is based on mentoring and expert workshops delivered by key Asseco leaders. The program includes using our office facilities that provide everything you need. Among other things, at the end of the 7-month cycle you can get the opportunity to receive investment for your business.

    2. No, there is no age limit.

    3. In the UpSteer Incubator program you can develop your IT business concepts in the following five areas: Utility Industry 4. 0, Healthcare, Banking, Insurance and Dedicated IT Solutions (or any other interesting IT ideas).

    4. The deadline for applying to the UpSteer Incubator program is February 25th 2024.

    5. The whole UpSteer incubator program lasts 7 months, from April 2024 to October 2024.

    6. You can join UpSteer in Bratislava, Brno or Prague. However, the major workshops and program is going to take place in Bratislava, Slovakia. Brno is focused on the Utility & Industry 4.0 area and Prague will be primarily  dedicated to IT Solutions (as well as other interesting IT ideas).

    7. We strongly recommend to put your own team together before joining UpSteer incubator. This program is not intended to share Asseco´s own human capacities, we want to support your startup with expertise workshops and experienced mentoring and consulting sessions of key Asseco leaders.

    Become an investment partner

    If you're looking to become an investment partner of UpSteer we'd love to hear from you!

      We want to ensure that the information you provide as part of this application are handled with the utmost care and in accordance with data protection laws. As part of the application process, we will collect, process, and store this information by for the purpose of evaluating your eligibility as an investing partner. Rest assured that this information will only be used for internal assessment purposes and will not be shared with third parties without your explicit consent.

      Mentoring from Mr. Klein is a great boost for young startupists. To meet and talk to a person with such great entrepreneurial experience and, at the same time, CEO of a global IT company is an incredible experience for them and it pushes them further in their entrepreneurial ambitions. Budding entrepreneurs will get a lot of valuable advice on how to move forward with their startup, as well as recommendations on what to avoid. Mr. Klein has mentored many finalists and winners of competitions organised by JCI-Slovakia and there have always been only positive responses to meetings with him. He is simply a great inspiration to them.

      Marián Meško
      výkonný predseda - JCI-Slovensko

      Within the framework of several years of close cooperation between Asseco and Whoo app, I consider it fair to highlight the work of Mr. Jozef Klein and Mr. Peter Lakata in particular. It was Mr. Klein who "discovered" the Whoo app project. From the initial discussions, via mentoring, to putting trust in our team and deciding to invest in our project. Numerous meetings resulted in the much needed acceleration of the Whoo app beyond the borders of Slovakia or Europe. Perhaps the most important building blocks of any project with global ambitions are support and trust. The same values, in my view, define Mr Klein. Peter Lakata is a manager who sees five steps ahead. We consult together on many key aspects of the project's further development, from day-to-day operations and management to strategic steps and decisions. For any project or team it is extremely important to feel supported by people who see the "bigger picture" and who do not approach the project in a business-like cold way, but rather in a friendly but still constructive way. That is Peter - a friend whose navigation of the business world is extremely precise. Regular meetings with Jozef and Peter are a university of prudence and efficiency. The Asseco’s flag, in turn, stands for a wide network of experts, a stable background and the hallmark of quality. Wherever the Whoo app goes on its journey through the startup world, a stable foundation has been built at 19 Galvaniho Street.

      Daniel Čačala
      Whoo app